The Blindness of Ignorance

COLLEGE PARK, MD – If we’d like to understand a mode of being or attitude, it usually helps to look at the forefathers of that mode or attitude. One mode of being or attitude I’m sure none of us would like to exhibit is one of ignorance. In order to successfully avoid this ineffective trait,Continue reading “The Blindness of Ignorance”

How Hospitality Improved the World

COLLEGE PARK, MD – Our Prophet, peace upon him, was sent to Arabs. Talk about a privilege. I don’t believe he, peace upon him, was sent to Arabs for no reason. Perhaps one wisdom for why he, peace upon him, was sent to that group of people was due to the societal value placed on hospitality.

Eventually, We Come Around

COLLEGE PARK, MD – Privilege-sharing is back on the docket this morning. The most common reaction to those that attempt to share their privilege is rejection. Sharing privilege is work – for the giver and the recipient. As we all know, once work is required most of us will attempt to skirt it. If we were honestContinue reading “Eventually, We Come Around”

Sharing is Hard

COLLEGE PARK, MD – Privilege denial happens for a number of reasons, but most, if not all, of those reasons can be placed under the umbrella of “it’s hard.” That’s really the bottom line, in my estimation. Acknowledging the privilege in one’s life compels a person to share what’s been so freely granted to them,Continue reading “Sharing is Hard”

Don't Deny Privilege

COLLEGE PARK, MD – It is a fact of life – some of us are more privileged in particular regards than others. It seems we get tripped up on how to grapple with this fact regardless of what side of privilege we fall on. People who have certain privileges often fall into arrogance and delusionsContinue reading “Don't Deny Privilege”

We Don't Do Big Things

COLLEGE PARK, MD – We’ve been discussing various topics related to execution and succession lately. Realizing these two aspects of an effective, improved life entails a great maxim we tend to ignore: we don’t do big things; big things happen. The follow-up maxim to complete the former is that small things don’t happen; we have to do them.

The Point of Execution

COLLEGE PARK, MD – At the end of the day, succession is about execution – having a vision for improvement, planning for it, and responsibly pushing to see it come to fruition. I want to focus on that execution this morning, specifically the point of execution. Execution in a larger context could aptly be describedContinue reading “The Point of Execution”


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