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The Center for Muslim Life (CML) currently serves Baltimore-Washington area college students and general community members by offering services and programs in pastoral care, counselling, mentorship, and educational needs.  Our mission is to provide services and programs which nurture the faith and religious identities of Muslim students and our other beneficiaries, address their spiritual and mental health needs and empower them to serve the larger community – one person at a time.

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Alarm Bells in the Muslim Community

PLEASE NOTE: this blog post contains content that may be triggering to readers who have had suicide impact their lives or those of their loved ones. Of all the alarm bells in the Muslim community ringing to wake us up to the stark reality and work that needs to be done on-the-ground, the issue of…

Atheism and Loss of Faith Amongst Our Community

One of the key challenges CML aims to address is dealing with the alarming phenomena of atheism and loss of faith amongst our community – particularly young people. At the heart of CML programs and services is the goal of fortifying people spiritually, providing guidance to help them resolve doubts and strengthen their faith in…

Celebrating Sacrifice

Today the pilgrims are gathered on Mount Arafat pleading for God’s acceptance and forgiveness. May we all do the same and be granted affirmative answers to those pleas, regardless of where we are physically. At sunset the joyous first day of Eid ul-Adha will begin, God willing. A translation of Eid ul-Adha to English reads…

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