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The Center for Muslim Life (CML) currently serves Baltimore-Washington area college students and general community members by offering services and programs in pastoral care, counselling, mentorship, and educational needs.  Our mission is to provide services and programs which nurture the faith and religious identities of Muslim students and our other beneficiaries, address their spiritual and mental health needs and empower them to serve the larger community – one person at a time.

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Prophetic Privilege

COLLEGE PARK, MD – The day of ‘Ashura’ is right upon us. It is a day with much significance and I encourage all to research its history. A common thread throughout many of the epic events that underpin the day is sacrifice for Truth. This is very relevant given the sometimes confusing social justice (orContinue reading “Prophetic Privilege”

Getting Our Hands Dirty

Ali Elashram, Beneficiary, Center for Muslim Life at Maryland@ali.elashram Disclaimer: The ideas espoused by guest authors do not represent the views of the Center for Muslim Life at Maryland. They represent the views of the author and the author only. Baltimore, MD – It seems like many of us still suffer from a feeling of alienationContinue reading “Getting Our Hands Dirty”

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