CML Reflective Listening Line

+1 301 264 6621


This number is not a crisis line nor is it intended to provide counseling, therapy or religious rulings. The intended purpose of the line is outlined below.

What is the CML Reflective Listening Line?

The CML Reflective Listening Line is a toll-free, confidential helpline for individuals who need to discuss issues and challenges that arise in their lives (ie. faith, family, stress and emotional struggles). Trained reflective listeners answer the CML Reflective Listening Line and offer a supportive outlet to callers. 

Callers can keep up-to-date with the CML Reflective Listening Line hours in the weekly newsletter. You can subscribe to the CML newsletter at the bottom of the homepage at  

What is reflective listening?

According to The Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs reflective listening is following the thoughts and feelings of another and understanding what the other is saying from his or her perspective. It is hearing and understanding, and then letting the other know that he or she is being heard and understood.

Why does CML believe reflective listening is important?

Many people are isolated in today’s society and often feel alone or unheard. It can also be difficult to communicate one’s experience to the people they have impactful relationships with. Reflective listening can not only give the speaker (caller) a safe space to share their experience, but also to practice reflecting on what they think or feel before sharing with individuals or people they wish to relate to.

From our experience at CML with counseling many people who are struggling emotionally and spiritually, a core need that all of us human beings have is to be in the presence of others who can listen to us speak of our struggles with empathy and compassion. This type of interaction is a great source of healing for all of us as human beings.

This is something our Prophet (pbuh) recognized and practiced to perfection with members of his family and the larger community throughout his blessed life. Recognizing the importance of this fundamental care to the youth and families in our Muslim community and following in the footsteps of our beloved Prophet (pbuh), we at the Center for Muslim Life have launched this Reflective Listening Line as a resource to provide an additional service of 1-on-1 care when in-person services are not available. We hope and pray our community will utilize this important resource. 

Are conversations private?

Absolutely. Callers are not required to divulge any personal information and conversations are had in strict confidentiality.

We at CML believe so much in the importance of this prophetic practice of reflective listening that not only do we want to provide this as a service, but we also want to train our Muslim youth and families in the larger community how to cultivate and embody this  … Be on the lookout for announcements on this effort.