Prophetic Privilege

COLLEGE PARK, MD – The day of ‘Ashura’ is right upon us. It is a day with much significance and I encourage all to research its history. A common thread throughout many of the epic events that underpin the day is sacrifice for Truth. This is very relevant given the sometimes confusing social justice (orContinue reading “Prophetic Privilege”

Getting Our Hands Dirty

Ali Elashram, Beneficiary, Center for Muslim Life at Maryland@ali.elashram Disclaimer: The ideas espoused by guest authors do not represent the views of the Center for Muslim Life at Maryland. They represent the views of the author and the author only. Baltimore, MD – It seems like many of us still suffer from a feeling of alienationContinue reading “Getting Our Hands Dirty”

A Pound of Flesh?

COLLEGE PARK, MD – When the Prophet Muhammad, peace upon him, entered Mecca towards the end of his mission in a position to take vengeance upon his former adversaries, he did not do so. He had the strength to give up taking the proverbial “pound of flesh.” How could someone endure so many tribulations atContinue reading “A Pound of Flesh?”

Why I Joined CMLMD

Muneer Zuhurudeen Associate Chaplain and Mentor COLLEGE PARK, MD – It seems as if suicide within the Muslim community is occurring at an increasing rate. Our most recent loss in Virginia shocked all of us that call the DMV home, and it occurred just a few days after another incident in Dallas, TX. In theContinue reading “Why I Joined CMLMD”


 COLLEGE PARK, MD –   Many of us are familiar with the term FOMO: fear of missing out. We’re afraid to miss out on all sorts of things big and small. It is a term that has gained traction in our social media crazed society. FOMO drives us. It is very often a seminal reasonContinue reading “From FOMO to JOMO”

It is Quite Exhilarating

COLLEGE PARK, MD – Living deliberately – to deliberate over our condition, form conclusions, and make decisions based on those conclusions – should be a goal for all of us.   It’s the difference between being our own person and being someone else’s. We’ve touched on one of the impediments to living deliberately before – not being able toContinue reading “It is Quite Exhilarating”


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