A bird’s eye view of who CML serves and how follows.

CML Services

Mentorship & Counseling: 1-on-1, real-time mentorship and counseling for Muslim college-age adults, young professionals and general community members.

Islamic Education: Regular lectures, discussions, seminars, spiritual retreats and experiential learning activities centered around faith development.

Addressing Atheism: Providing education to communities and students on how to build resilience against atheism and general doubts about Islam. Providing guidance and education to community members on how to strengthen their faith, their childrens’ faith and addressing doubts they may have.

Da’wah: Perform outreach efforts to those outside the Muslim community to educate them about Islam, and work closely with individuals interested in Islam and those seeking to become Muslim. Also, help facilitate the growth process for converts.

Muslim Student Advocacy: Regular engagement with campus administration to increase awareness of the needs of the Muslim student body and to respond to current events affecting campus. Provide thought leadership and presentations on Islam for university academic departments, faculty, staff and administration.