Authority and Control Cannot Coexist

COLLEGE PARK, MD – If we’ve been granted enough years on earth, most of us have a relationship in which we have, or should have, some level of authority. This is most evident in the relationship between parents and children. And how often are there issues of authority between parents and children nowadays? This unpleasantContinue reading “Authority and Control Cannot Coexist”

Build an Ark or Drown in the Flood

COLLEGE PARK, MD – Last week we delved briefly into the purity of intention and the mission of the Prophet Muhammad; we can take just as valuable of a lesson from the Prophet Noah, peace upon them both. Prophet Noah was a man of determination and preparation. Most people aren’t, though. While his countrymen thoughtContinue reading “Build an Ark or Drown in the Flood”

Give, Give and Give Some More

COLLEGE PARK, MD – It’s nice to be back in the swing of things after our recent Fundraising Dinner. I’d like to extend my gratitude to all of you, our supporters, for showing such an outpour of generosity just a few short weeks ago. As I contemplated on that outpour of giving, for which weContinue reading “Give, Give and Give Some More”

It is Quite Exhilarating

COLLEGE PARK, MD – Living deliberately – to deliberate over our condition, form conclusions, and make decisions based on those conclusions – should be a goal for all of us.   It’s the difference between being our own person and being someone else’s. We’ve touched on one of the impediments to living deliberately before – not being able toContinue reading “It is Quite Exhilarating”

How Hospitality Improved the World

COLLEGE PARK, MD – Our Prophet, peace upon him, was sent to Arabs. Talk about a privilege. I don’t believe he, peace upon him, was sent to Arabs for no reason. Perhaps one wisdom for why he, peace upon him, was sent to that group of people was due to the societal value placed on hospitality. SweetContinue reading “How Hospitality Improved the World”