Celebrating Sacrifice

Today the pilgrims are gathered on Mount Arafat pleading for God’s acceptance and forgiveness. May we all do the same and be granted affirmative answers to those pleas, regardless of where we are physically. At sunset the joyous first day of Eid ul-Adha will begin, God willing. A translation of Eid ul-Adha to English readsContinue reading “Celebrating Sacrifice”

Condolences from Kamloops to London

It is nothing new that eschewing God’s all-knowing admonition, and preferring our own ideas and/or those of satan, the accursed, comes with disastrous consequences. This has become unavoidably apparent once again by way of the acts of horror and terror recently discovered in Kamloops, British Columbia and recently committed in London, Ontario. When Man losesContinue reading “Condolences from Kamloops to London”

Blessed ‘Āshūrā’

Praise is to God for the blessing of witnessing another day of ‘Āshūrā’, the 10th day of Muharram in this Migratory Year of 1442. So many illustrious examples of our Lord’s infinite mercy and our pious predecessors’ abundant resolve can be taken from that day. Events such as: the day Prophet Noah, upon him peace, left the Ark.Continue reading “Blessed ‘Āshūrā’”

A Statement on the Murder of George Floyd

Just last week we were enveloped in the absolute blessings of the end of Ramadan and festival days of Eid. Joy and congratulations were in order. Regrettably, on the second day of what was a celebratory time for Muslims around the world, joy and congratulations must have been very far from the minds of BlackContinue reading “A Statement on the Murder of George Floyd”

Reflections on CML’s 4th annual summer retreat

CML’s 4th annual summer retreat took place over labor day weekend and we’re grateful to say that it continued the tradition of excellent time out for our mentors to spend concentrated time with the organization’s young beneficiaries – doing out best to perpetuate the Prophetic model of nurturing others and helping them be at theirContinue reading “Reflections on CML’s 4th annual summer retreat”

Getting Our Hands Dirty

Ali Elashram, Beneficiary, Center for Muslim Life at Maryland@ali.elashram Disclaimer: The ideas espoused by guest authors do not represent the views of the Center for Muslim Life at Maryland. They represent the views of the author and the author only. Baltimore, MD – It seems like many of us still suffer from a feeling of alienationContinue reading “Getting Our Hands Dirty”

Authority and Control Cannot Coexist

COLLEGE PARK, MD – If we’ve been granted enough years on earth, most of us have a relationship in which we have, or should have, some level of authority. This is most evident in the relationship between parents and children. And how often are there issues of authority between parents and children nowadays? This unpleasantContinue reading “Authority and Control Cannot Coexist”

Build an Ark or Drown in the Flood

COLLEGE PARK, MD – Last week we delved briefly into the purity of intention and the mission of the Prophet Muhammad; we can take just as valuable of a lesson from the Prophet Noah, peace upon them both. Prophet Noah was a man of determination and preparation. Most people aren’t, though. While his countrymen thoughtContinue reading “Build an Ark or Drown in the Flood”