The Killer of Happiness


Last week we discussed an equation for happiness. Is it right? Is it wrong? I don’t know. But I do believe it is on the right track. Let’s recap:

H = A

H is happiness and A is the attention we pay to what we perceive to be positive in our lives. The ultimate, and infinite, example of what is positive in our lives is God.

Attention and all of his friends

When we pay attention to God (ie remember Him), we experience all the different components that make up happiness like gratitude, kindness, resilience, and so forth.

You name the positive attribute and you’ll be knocking at its door.

The killer

On the other hand, not paying attention to God is a sure inhibitor of happiness.

If our happiness is contingent upon paying attention to what is positive in our lives, how can we be happy if we forget the most positive aspect of our lives, let alone the universe?

And just as attention has friends, he has enemies. Forgetting God puts you at the doors of envy, anger, lust, arrogance, and all their deadly counterparts.

The killer of happiness is forgetting God.

At attention,

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