Opening Our Second Eyes


Let’s pick up right where we left off last week.

We noted that in order to assess where we stand in regards to our unseen, spiritual training as givers we must measure in unseen benchmarks.

Easier said than done.


In order to measure our training correctly we must live with both our eyes open. I do not mean our physical eyes. Yes, you guessed right, I am referring to our spiritual eyes.

Most of us live our entire lives with only one eye open: the eye of the material world. As such, the only goals we will work towards are material goals.

We become pirates. Remember those seaway robbers with patches over their eyes? Just like them, we have two eyes, but one is covered.

And just like them, we rob ourselves and others of happiness with the ensuing undertaking that necessarily comes about when we only see with one-eyed materialism.

Remove the patch

Once we commit to tearing off our eye patches and viewing the worlds with both eyes we will begin developing the vision necessary to create proper benchmarks for our training.

That second, uncovered eye is the one that sees the immaterial. Its visions propel us to achieve immaterial goals – the goals of the afterlife, the goals of happiness.

This doesn’t happen overnight. If we haven’t used that eye in years it will be rusty and weak.

But little-by-little, our second eyes will develop as we nurture them, God willing. Our training helps develop the strength of our second eyes so that we have full vision of our circumstances.

That vision is necessary for us to understand how to act here for the end goal there, and all the happiness that results in between.


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