Submission is No Sub-Mission


Ramadan has come and is almost gone. May we see our dear friend again.

I wish a blessed Eid to all. This is a good time to reflect upon our efforts and intentions for whatever length of road we have left ahead – if any.

Let’s use this opportunity to recap the concepts we’ve grappled with over the last few months.

Giving by submitting

We aim to be givers – to give and take with abundance and trust.

We train ourselves to drop our undertaking ways. The ways of giving and taking with scarcity and suspicion. The ways that kill happiness.

This training places us in constant remembrance of God. His remembrance calms our hearts and stills our souls. Once we’re calm and still we are able and willing to submit.

Becoming people of Submission is our greatest gift to the world.

Retention by intention

We retain our giving spirits by remaining vigilant over our intentions. Our intentions are always rooted in the next world – not the one brought near. When we slip and forget we regain our footing by returning to remembrance.

Remembrance is bliss, forgetfulness is misery.


We live in this world with both eyes open. The other world is always the goal. We’re careful not to close our otherworldy eye in favor of one-eyed materialism.

We balance our vision by making use of this world to prepare for the next. We build our life’s foundation by way of patience in the midst of affliction. Knowledge is not a trophy or a commodity. It is a call to right action.

If we heed the call, we will transform and live our best lives – in the herenow and the hereafter. We will Submit.

Our mission is Submission.

Everything is either a means or an obstacle towards it. It is the loftiest of achievements.

God grant us well-being gently. Amen.


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