The Difference Between Winning and Losing


Submission is the ultimate win-win scenario. When we realize the point in life is to submit to God’s will – not to exert our own – we can accept the factors in our lives that we have no control over. It allows us to endure the sacrifice needed to progress.

Submission allows us to give in whatever ways God has given us the ability to and not get too bent out of shape over what He hasn’t given us the ability to.


What’s more is Submitting allows us to not only accept what we have no control over, but also to use those facts of life as springboards to positivity instead of triggers of negativity.

It makes us realize that keeping our selves in check in those moments where we want to let them run wild is where the next-level benefit is extracted.

Winning 101

Controlling what we are able to and accepting what we can’t is the balance that sets the stage for win-win scenarios in life – scenarios where all people are given a chance to thrive.

People may not always take a win out of a given situation, but they have an opportunity to if they achieve this balance.In any given situation, we can take a win. If we are in a position to control an outcome, we can do the right thing and steer the ship in the right direction.

If we are not in a position to control the outcome, we can use that situation as an opportunity to train ourselves to accept God’s decree and better internalize that our affairs are in His hands. It’s a win-win.


Trying to control everything or giving up control over what you can control is an imbalance that leads to win-lose scenarios, where one party dominates and takes advantage of another. There is a winner and a loser – a thriver and a survivor.

While it may be appealing to be the winner of one of those scenarios, it’s a total loss. A “winner” who tries to control everything hasn’t learned that only God really controls. Likewise, a “loser” who gives up whatever agency God has given him or her hasn’t upheld the trust they’ve been bestowed with. Both are losing propositions.

Submitting allows us to take the win out of any given situation by achieving the balance we need to understand what we can control and what we can’t and must accept.

Only if we feel the expanse of living in win-win situations can we reasonably expect to experience any real contentment or happiness.

Towards winning,


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