There's No Easy Way Out


Often, people find themselves in situations they feel are undesirable for one reason or another in which they feel they have no way out.

This is a difficult trial to be tested with, no doubt.

We search and search for solutions, concoct scheme after scheme for how we’ll overcome the hurdle, and, usually, end up in an even more desperate state when we realize that there is no easy way out of the situation.

There is an obvious challenge and hidden opportunity in this type of situation.

Obvious Challenge

Let’s start with the obvious: we find ourselves in difficult situations that we cannot stand to bear any longer, but we have no apparent way out. This can leave us frustrated, depressed, and in despair. That plight is, often, worse than the situation we’re in itself.


We can end up dejected and uncertain of how we will persevere.

Loss of hope in these situations is a very real risk and one to be avoided at all costs. One way to avoid loss of hope is to tap into the hidden opportunity that exists instead of falling prey to the obvious challenge.

Hidden Opportunity

In a situation you need relief from but see no sign of relief nor any apparent way out, a golden opportunity exists.

An opportunity to realize our sheer poverty before God and complete need of Him, our helplessness as human begins to control anything or anyone, is ever-present when we are in this state.

The reality of our need of God in every instant is the same at all times, but we tend to be forgetful. These difficult situations can serve as reminders of our complete need in Him and bring us back to what really counts: reliance on Him and not ourselves.

It is a time to taste of this truth instead of it merely being an abstract concept.

In those moments when we want to know why there’s no easy way out, a good way to act upon the knowledge of God’s complete control of our affairs is to perform the Prayer of Need.


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