Ready to Start Living?


Earlier this year we discussed getting a life. This week I’d like to revisit this idea and expand upon it for there are some important points to note when grappling with life and living.

First off, existing without living is a stale mode of making it through the worldly realm. Spiritual activation is necessary to liven up our existence.


Moreover, getting a life is achieved by a balance between pushing oneself and restraining oneself. We push for our secret selves and restrain our lower selves. We must know when to push and when to restrain.

If we push at the wrong time we’ll deviate; if we restrain at the wrong time we’ll never know who we are. Not knowing who we are means we don’t know what gifts we can offer.

Not offering our gifts leaves us with a disquieting boredom.

The Calm with the Gift
When we get the right balance of pushing and restraint, we can more readily discover our gifts and begin offering them. To be a giver is the best gift one can give to the world and, ultimately, themselves.

When we’re offering our gifts we have a stillness and calm internally. This is essential to unlocking our secret selves.


We must strive for inner quietude.

If the self is constantly chattering we’ll never achieve the inner stability necessary to more fully understand our gifts and subsequently offer them to the world.

A positive feedback loop develops. We give, we taste inner quietude, we can then give more, taste more quietude, and so on.

The more we engage in this process, the more we give and the more we taste. It is inexhaustible.

The question is: will we pay the toll? Will we push ourselves into this process, admit that we are novices and start living?


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