Between Ramadone and Ramadine


This ever-blessed time of the year is on the back leg. Our opportunities to taste the healing fruits our friend visits us bearing are diminishing.


Where are we in our commitment to that healing?

Are we not committed? Do we vacillate between wishing Ramadan was over by daylight, and dining the rest of the day away by night?

Are we taking on the immense opportunity and challenge presented by Ramadan, or taking the easy way out and just passing the time?

Healing is hardwork
As former Vice President Al Gore reminded the UMd class of 2018 during this Spring’s commencement ceremony, we’re faced over and over with the same choice in life: the hard right and the easy wrong.


It’s a platitude, yes, but it’s absolutely true.

We all want benefit and healing – all the time, not just in Ramadan. The issue with it is, though, that these big achievements are given rise during small moments.

They are not unlike any goal one works to achieve.

Just as we work in the micro-moments of work and study for professional or monetary macro-successes, the same equation applies to personal macro-successes.

Set the budget


It’s easy to see how we burn the midnight oil pouring over factoids needed to succeed on an exam or to meet a deadline. Succeeding on that exam or meeting that deadline is impossible without each moment invested in that success.


Healing is the same way. It is just a bit more intangible. No one will give us a score or diploma for this success – not in this life anyway.

To heal, we have to burn the midnight oil in the way of engaging in the hard rights towards our souls, spouses, children, and extended families and friends.

We have to avoid easily wronging those parties. It is in each micro-moment that we work towards our macro-success of healing and becoming who we have the potential to be.

Those moments are our currency in the marketplace of improvement. We can spend them wisely and benefit, or waste them on trivialities.

Ramadan is the perfect time to learn how to budget properly.

So next time we find ourselves in a mid-day malaise or a midnight binge, let’s do our best to do the hard right and take our budget seriously.




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