Sharing is Hard


Privilege denial happens for a number of reasons, but most, if not all, of those reasons can be placed under the umbrella of “it’s hard.”

That’s really the bottom line, in my estimation.

Acknowledging the privilege in one’s life compels a person to share what’s been so freely granted to them, but held back from others.

Acknowledging the privilege in one’s life holds a person back from hubris and attributing the good in his or her life to their own accord.

Due to the implications at hand, acknowledging, then sharing, the privilege in one’s life is hard.

What it takes

Like anything in life that is necessary and good, yet difficult, sharing one’s privilege is a feat only a giver can set their sights on.

Others will not have the patience, the forbearance, the sheer stamina and resolution it takes to share their privilege. Only a giver can commit 100% to this endeavor.

To share one’s privilege is to lead – to lead others where you’ve been and they haven’t.

From your greater experience, you will have a certain leg up on those you’re sharing with. They may seem to “not get it”, or look like bulls in a china shop in comparison to your grace with and understanding of the privilege you’re sharing with them.

Even more, those you’re sharing with may not realize the treasure you are sharing and seem to take it for granted.

You may feel under-appreciated.

This is all very difficult, nigh impossible, to swallow for the egomaniac lurking within us. Perhaps this is a reason most do not share their privilege(s). We aren’t cultivated enough to do so.

Gut check


Sharing our privilege does not come naturally for most of us. We must cultivate that form of giving in ourselves.


In scenarios where we are among the privileged and we feel the burning necessity to share our privilege, we are in for a gut check. In those scenarios we will learn a lot about ourselves if we’re open to the lessons before us.

If we take up the mission to share our privilege, we’ll most likely find that we are not nearly as forbearing or patient with others as we may have fancied ourselves to be.

We’ll probably see a more accurate depiction of ourselves to ourselves than ever before.

In other words, sharing our privilege is a great way to become more self-aware, and those that know themselves know God.

So, really, a great way to come closer to God is to acknowledge and share the privilege(s) He so abundantly showers upon us.

Taking it in,


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