Condolences from Kamloops to London

It is nothing new that eschewing God’s all-knowing admonition, and preferring our own ideas and/or those of satan, the accursed, comes with disastrous consequences.

This has become unavoidably apparent once again by way of the acts of horror and terror recently discovered in Kamloops, British Columbia and recently committed in London, Ontario.

When Man loses his moral compass, he become the lowliest of beasts – even in the name of religion. God protect us.

Those who hold God dear follow His words and the teachings of His Prophets, upon them all perfect peace. God’s words and the teachings of His Prophets would never, ever justify the genocide of indigenous peoples or First Nations.

To the great contrary, they show us the way to honoring and respecting them.

Mistreatment and a desire to be rid of indigenous peoples, not seeing them for the great treasure they actively are and historically represent, can never stem from a genuine desire to worship and please God.

Their roots are always the satanic quality of arrogance along with a mentality of scarcity – there are many pharaohs hiding in the cloak of Moses, upon him peace.

Those same roots grow into a parallel branch of hatred for people of color of all shades and origins. Those roots can eventually compel someone to mow down elders, men, women and children with no regard for human life – most likely not even considering the victims human.

Whether we claim to believe in God or not, following the darkness of things other than Him will end the same way – in disaster. The stakes are too high not to take God seriously.

We pray to God to grant all the oppressed the very best, and to relieve them from the suffering they’ve been tried with in this world. We pray that He protect all people from the accursed satan, our plain enemy, and his whisperings and deceit in addition to our own selves and their machinations and delusions.

God grant us gentle clarity and His pleasure, safety, security, protection and eternal gaze. Amen.

In peace,
CML Team

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