Divine Democracy


People who do God’s work on earth add to the wealth of the world.

With their attitude of abundance they act with excellence.


These people are few. They undertake rigorous training.

The weight of a giver on the world’s scales is far heavier than an undertaker.

Undertakers don’t add any real wealth to the world – monetarily or non-monetarily. They simply take with suspicion and a never ending feeling of scarcity from givers.

The few, the humble among us are the ones God uses to keep humanity going.

The golden ratio

The state of any world boils down to the ratio of givers to undertakers in it.

Our current world used to be in a much better state. There were many givers to equalize the number of undertakers.

Now, the ratio has become lopsided in favor undertakers, hence, the unfortunate times we see unfolding around us.

Taken to an infinite degree, we see the dichotomy more clearly. The garden of paradise has no undertakers, only givers. The eternal inferno on the other hand? Well, there’s not a giver to be found.


The more givers on earth, the closer it resembles the garden. The more undertakers on it, the closer it resembles the inferno.

With our attitudes and subsequent actions, each one of us directly impacts the state of this world and where we’ll belong in the next one.

Each one of our choices, to either give or undertake, is a vote for the garden or the fire.

Talk about democracy.

To freedom,


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