Kinetic Faith


Faith – it is the foundational element of the human drama.

Salvation depends on it.

The primordial question posed to us by God is, “Am I not your Lord?” We all answered correctly during that grand covenant.

How will we answer the next time we’re asked?

Potential faith

Faith that we profess is important.

It is full of potential to bring ourselves and the world into justice and light. We cannot stop there, however.

There is another side of faith that we must exhibit in order to live fully.

Kinetic faith

When we take our potential-packed professed faith, internalize it, and activate it, our lives truly begin. The actions we take are the indicators of the soundness of the faith we profess.

The degree we’ve internalized our faith will be exhibited in the way we act and process events in our lives.

Acting on our faith allows us to let go of our plans and witness God’s plan for us. That is the moment when our potential faith converts into kinetic faith. That is when our lives truly change.

When our professed faith in the fact that charity actually increases our wealth turns into the action of our giving to others, our lives change.

When our professed faith in backbiting being wrong turns into the action of us keeping quiet about the faults of others, our lives change.


God is merciful. Perhaps our dormant, potential faith is enough to live well in this life and the next by the sheer power any level of faith carries.

We’re cheating ourselves if we stop there, though. The efficacy of one’s life lies in accepting a deliberate regimen of converting potential faith to kinetic faith.

To be a giver and bring wealth to the world, the secret is to act on your faith.


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