Responsibly Pushing


Pushing has been our theme for the last few weeks. Specifically, it has been regarding pushing the right amount and continuing to do so in the face of fear and anxiety.


I would like to add to that theme the element of responsibly pushing.

As anyone living in reality knows, life is complex. It is not going to conform to our whims and desires.


Accepting this reality and basing our decisions on principles is one way I’d define living responsibly.

So how does this look in regard to pushing our edge and getting uncomfortable? There are many foolhardy was to push irresponsibly.

We can easily mask our desire to escape reality and live in our own, falsified world with the veneer of pushing our comfort zones. This is, in fact, among the most dangerous of spiritual bypasses.

It is imperative that we look within ourselves and question our true motives when considering a move towards discomfort and, hopefully, growth.

If the reasons we come up with are not sound, all the discomfort in the world will not do anything to help us grow – it will instead destroy us.


As we search within ourselves and decide whether or not a certain discomfort we plan to introduce in our lives is responsible, I offer the following signs to keep an eye out for along the path:

  • We must be willing to abort or modify a plan if necessary

  • Look for clues of facilitation (ie are we forcing the issue or are matters falling into place naturally?)

  • Sincerely take others into account in plans; we should not be the main character in the plan – everyone should be in a support role for the other

If we use signs like the ones above, we should have an easier time getting pointed in the right direction in regards to whether or not we are pushing responsibly or irresponsibly.


A matter like this is far too important to leave to mere chance.

Those are the signs that pop out to me; what are some that you have encountered along your journey for growth? Let me know at

Aiming for responsibility,


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