Organization or Occupation?


I would say any person of serious faith in present times can be deemed countercultural in one way or another.

Going against the grain to any degree can be very difficult at times – especially in the beginning.

A pitfall many countercultural individuals can fall into if they don’t realistically assess the consequences at play by making countercultural decisions is how they will use their time if not the way our cultural has deemed fit.


Our time can either be occupied, as in forcibly taken and controlled, or organized productively.

If you’re like me, you may believe the conventional way our time is occupied in our culture would be defined as the former.

To simply fill our life with all types of frivolities, time spent in cars, disproportionate amounts to time dedicated to schooling and professional occupations puts us squarely within the hegemonic belief of what life should be passed doing.

If one does not subscribe to this belief, congratulations. There is an important warning to heed if one plans on acting upon this rejection of occupation of their time, however.

To reject this occupation requires that one knows how to productively organize his or her time in an alternate manner. The preconceived systems concocted to occupy most people will no longer work for this person.

System of organization

We’re all following some kind of system of filling our time – whether or not we are aware of or admit it ourselves.We should avoid systems that effectively occupy us – placating our lower selves one moment to the next. If we would like to avoid those systems, it is important to have a better system to follow in its stead.

To believe we will create our own system is unrealistic and will lead to failure.

A system that calls us to do productive works and gives us an understanding of how and when to do certain ones is a system that can help us organize our time instead of simply occupying it.

There is a great freedom in following a system worthy of following. I hope we all find our way to that freedom.

Towards organization,



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