Reflections on CML’s 4th annual summer retreat

CML’s 4th annual summer retreat took place over labor day weekend and we’re grateful to say that it continued the tradition of excellent time out for our mentors to spend concentrated time with the organization’s young beneficiaries – doing out best to perpetuate the Prophetic model of nurturing others and helping them be at their best.

Our services and programs aim to nurture the faith and religious identities of Muslim students and our other beneficiaries, address their spiritual and mental health needs and empower them to serve the larger community – one person at a time.

It is no surprise that many Muslims, young and old, are walking with a great deal of pain and unaddressed emotional and spiritual struggles; many have drifted away from the faith. Lectures and seminars, while beneficial in ways, will not provide the healing our communities are in dire need of experiencing.

What is needed are people on the ground that can provide the day-in, day-out support required to equip others with the tools to heal.

Providing solutions to this pervasive issue is what our team is hard at work to achieve. We are doing everything in our capacity to make counseling, mentorship, and support for our college students and community members as accessible as possible.

Without doubt, this is an imperative. There aren’t many people engaging in this hard work. The Prophet Muhammad (peace upon him) raised the best generation of men and women by spending time with them, by providing a nurturing presence in their lives.

Through this investment in his followers, he (peace upon him) made it possible for them to heal and equipped them with the ability to help heal others.

Mentorship and counselling are the Prophetic Model. Our team is doing its best to emulate this model by engaging students and members of the community at-large in real relationships built on trust. We want to let people know we care and that they have someone to turn to.

There is a lot of work to do, and it is all in our hands to do it.

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