A Statement on the Murder of George Floyd

Just last week we were enveloped in the absolute blessings of the end of Ramadan and festival days of Eid.

Joy and congratulations were in order.

Regrettably, on the second day of what was a celebratory time for Muslims around the world, joy and congratulations must have been very far from the minds of Black people, Muslim and otherwise, as the reality of white supremacy – a reality that plays out each moment – was virally and unavoidably reinforced for the world to see in the ruthless slaying of George Floyd, God have mercy on him, in Minneapolis.

As an organization that aims to serve all people based on the Prophetic Model of nurturing human beings to be their best, the Center for Muslim Life board and staff unequivocally stand behind our Black siblings in humanity, beneficiaries and contributors.

All of us have been allotted certain God-given privileges, some of us more than others, and today, like all days, we should reflect on the ways we can follow the Prophetic Way (sunnah) and invest our privilege in the building up of others and reject the spending of our privilege on ourselves and tearing down of others – and then we should actually make the necessary investment.

We have been gifted the beautiful way of life of Islam – a way of life of investment in others, especially targeted groups and individuals like Black people. Taking this issue seriously is a means towards activating our faith, and, thus, being grateful for it.

God forgive us for our complicity in the oppressive structures that be, and allow us to do our part in dismantling them – allowing us to stand before Him able to say we did what we could.

In peace,
CML Team

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