We Don't Do Big Things

COLLEGE PARK, MD – We’ve been discussing various topics related to execution and succession lately. Realizing these two aspects of an effective, improved life entails a great maxim we tend to ignore: we don’t do big things; big things happen. The follow-up maxim to complete the former is that small things don’t happen; we have to do them. Yin and yang   Most ofContinue reading “We Don't Do Big Things”

No Execution Without Vulnerability

COLLEGE PARK, MD – We sat with it last week: there is no success without execution. If we take a step back from that one, we can see that there is also no execution without vulnerability. Most people do not like being vulnerable, but it is in accepting difficult medicine that we heal from the various formsContinue reading “No Execution Without Vulnerability”

The Point of Execution

COLLEGE PARK, MD – At the end of the day, succession is about execution – having a vision for improvement, planning for it, and responsibly pushing to see it come to fruition. I want to focus on that execution this morning, specifically the point of execution. Execution in a larger context could aptly be describedContinue reading “The Point of Execution”

Building Capacity for Piety

COLLEGE PARK, MD – We’ve been on the topic of filial piety for a few weeks now. Given the importance of getting this aspect of life correct, that seems fitting. Last week, we left off on the note that we must edify our family structures and give our children an emotional home to fit into. WithoutContinue reading “Building Capacity for Piety”

A Place to Call Home

COLLEGE PARK, MD – Achieving filial piety is a lofty goal. It always has been and always will be. It has never been easy. That achievement is a product of not just children’s piety, but of their parents’ proficiency at building capacity – capacity for their heirs to flourish. It is a two-way street. No structure, noContinue reading “A Place to Call Home”

Where to Find Family Success

CHICAGO, IL – Happy Eid to all our dear readers! Congratulations on completing the month of Ramadan. God accept all your works. Amen. On these days of Eid, many of us spend much time with family, and deservedly so. They are our lifeblood and cornerstones. Getting family right is of paramount importance to our well-beingContinue reading “Where to Find Family Success”

Between Ramadone and Ramadine

COLLEGE PARK, MD – This ever-blessed time of the year is on the back leg. Our opportunities to taste the healing fruits our friend visits us bearing are diminishing.   Where are we in our commitment to that healing? Are we not committed? Do we vacillate between wishing Ramadan was over by daylight, and dining the restContinue reading “Between Ramadone and Ramadine”