Activate Your Happy State

COLLEGE PARK, MD – Some time ago, we discussed the desire we all share to be happy.   In short, the key to attaining happiness is to live with gratitude. My opinion is that gratitude is the manifestation of attentiveness towards God. That sounds simple enough. In practice, however, we all ebb and flow in ourContinue reading “Activate Your Happy State”

The Path to Empowerment

COLLEGE PARK, MD – Let’s define the term ‘status quo.’ It usually has a negative connotation, but, by definition, it simply means the current state of affairs. For the purposes of this post, I am working off the connotation. Overall, I would say the existing state of affairs in our human world is governed byContinue reading “The Path to Empowerment”

What's the Point of All This?

COLLEGE PARK, MD – After praising God, I’d like to extend my gratitude to all those who contributed to making our first official year of operation as well as our 2nd annual fundraiser resounding successes. I very much appreciate the generous show of support last night despite the snowy conditions. Whether you are a staffContinue reading “What's the Point of All This?”