There's No Easy Way Out

COLLEGE PARK, MD – Often, people find themselves in situations they feel are undesirable for one reason or another in which they feel they have no way out. This is a difficult trial to be tested with, no doubt. We search and search for solutions, concoct scheme after scheme for how we’ll overcome the hurdle,Continue reading “There's No Easy Way Out”

Without This We're Toast

COLLEGE PARK, MD – We ended last week’s rumination with the following thought: If we truly believe, we’ll care. If we care, we’ll subscribe to a set of values packaged as principles. If we subscribe to principles, we’ll make decisions rooted in that subscription. Those decisions will add up to a deliberate life. Those who live deliberately will become civilizationalContinue reading “Without This We're Toast”

Happy Rosh Hashana

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Beginning this past Wednesday night (9/20) and extending until dusk Thursday (9/21), Rosh Hashana, Ras as-Sanah, رأس السنة الهجرية‎‎, lunar new year, Hijri new year, or whatever we call it in our myriad languages and traditions, was upon us. This is an interesting day and period of the year to reflect on. ForContinue reading “Happy Rosh Hashana”

The Difference Between Winning and Losing

COLLEGE PARK, MD – Submission is the ultimate win-win scenario. When we realize the point in life is to submit to God’s will – not to exert our own – we can accept the factors in our lives that we have no control over. It allows us to endure the sacrifice needed to progress. Submission allowsContinue reading “The Difference Between Winning and Losing”

The Agitation of Preparation

COLLEGE PARK, MD – I’d like to wish you all a blessed Eid of Sacrifice. On that note, sacrifice, preparation, and progress are all closely intertwined. We’ll pick back up on preparation this week. Many of us make use of a metaphor that invokes the concept of planting seeds when we try to progress or implement change ofContinue reading “The Agitation of Preparation”

Stop Oppressing to Start Progressing

COLLEGE PARK, MD – Progress is a word we hear a lot in our day and age. It has become a benchmark for whether we are acceptable to society. Are we progressing? Are our attitudes progressing? Is our dress code progressing? Are our relationships progressing? Are our careers progressing? And like so the interrogation byContinue reading “Stop Oppressing to Start Progressing”

Getting Ahead of the Curve

COLLEGE PARK, MD – The last few weeks have been a dive into the topics of rites of passage and preparation. Those who actually experience rites of passage are more likely to be preparers for tomorrow. Preparation for tomorrow pretty much sums up our entire job as believers. Those who do their job are givers. TheirContinue reading “Getting Ahead of the Curve”